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The most outstanding characteristic of Pinnacle and Warren Sonne is dedication and conviction to never say "No" to, "finding the truth."


Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.
Attorneys at Law

Mr. French consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. French to be a necessary ...

Very truly yours,


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Trial Preparation Services

Whether at the beginning of you lawsuit, or on the day of your trial Pinnacle Protective Services can assist you litigation support custom tailored to your needs.

Service of Process: Our policy requires all of our private investigators to be licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs as Process Servers.  Our private detectives can assist you with a pre-trial review of your case, and then serve the necessary subpoena's. 

After the initial court filing in a civil case, the summons must be served upon the defendant in strict compliance with the rules of the court having jurisdiction over the matter. Failure to properly execute and document service can result in unnecessary and costly delays, sometimes resulting in the dismissal and re-filing of the lawsuit.


Witness Services: We will locate and arrange for your witnesses to appear at your office, deposition, or at the trial. Our investigators will do the last minute things that you may require, such as locating evidence, arranging transportation for your experts, deliver of your exhibits, reviewing your files for the preparation of subpoenas, etc. What ever your needs, Pinnacle will help supply the answer.


Private Investigator Bronx

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