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The most outstanding characteristic of Pinnacle and Warren Sonne is dedication and conviction to never say "No" to, "finding the truth."


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Mr. French consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. French to be a necessary ...

Very truly yours,


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Covert and GPS Surveillance

"We are not a surveillance production line, rather your case is the only one that matters to us."
Warren J. Sonne, President

Our New York Surveillance services provide our clients with the means to verify the real life daily activities of claimants, plaintiffs or other individuals. At our New York private investigation agency, surveillance is both an art and a science, including state of the art GPS tracking (in compliance with applicable laws). Prior to a New York Private investigator being dispatched, a thorough background investigation is conducted on every subject so that a investigative plan can be tailored to each case. We will verify the subjects known addresses, employment, vehicle registrations, identify others in the household and their vehicles, identify relatives and associates. A pre-surveillance visit to the subject’s location may be made to evaluate whether one, or multiple private investigators are necessary to successfully complete the assignment. Issues of population density, demographics, availability of mass transit, number of entrances to the residence or place of employment including garages, etc., are all taken into consideration.

In the end, the issue of who will be conducting your New York Surveillance investigations will have a direct impact on the results, both short and long term. Unlike "surveillance only" companies, we do not employ or train inexperienced investigators. Rather, our staff is composed entirely of New York Private detectives with extensive police backgrounds in covert operations. Not only do we want to "get the tape," but will be there for our clients up to and including our professional testimony at trial.

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Insurance Surveillance

Worker's Compensation Insurance

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