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The most outstanding characteristic of Pinnacle and Warren Sonne is dedication and conviction to never say "No" to, "finding the truth."


Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.
Attorneys at Law

Mr. French consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. French to be a necessary ...

Very truly yours,


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Insurance and Accident Investigations

Pinnacle Protective Services has been conducting New York, New Jersey private investigations in the defense of insurers and manufacturers since 1991. We know what to look for in all sorts of insurance cases, including:

Product Liability
Premises Liability
SIU - Fraudulent Accident/Injury/Property Damage
Workers Compensation - Surveillance and Alive & Well Investigations
Motor Vehicle Accidents etc...

Our New York Private Investigation agency represents companies such as Ford, Mercedez, GE, and Tokio Marine, as well a national and international law firms. We conduct investigations for the NYS Insurance Fund, Hartford's "SRS," and Electric Insurance Company. Our New Jersey private investigation services assist our clients throughout NJ. For certain clients we monitor media reports for incidents involving their products or employees and notify the client of any potential liability. For fast breaking incidents we can respond immediately to document the scene, interview police, interview witnesses, obtain records, safeguard product, etc. Other times we are retained several years after the fact, just as the case begins to heat up before trial requiring us to identify the accident location which may have changed over the years, obtain "as- built" plans, building violations, investigative reports, locate or purchase vehicles or other equipment. We work with and coordinate inspections by your accident reconstruction expert, expert engineers, attorneys etc., and when possible act as a liaison with law enforcement. We will conduct background investigations of opposing witnesses and experts, and provide you with "Trial Preparation" including the service of process and witness scheduling and transportation.

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