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The most outstanding characteristic of Pinnacle and Warren Sonne is dedication and conviction to never say "No" to, "finding the truth."


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Mr. French consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. French to be a necessary ...

Very truly yours,


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Nationwide Criminal Records

The only national repository of criminal history is maintained by the F.B.I., and it is available to Law Enforcement and National Defense only. What is sold by information brokers and private investigators is a patchwork of some state records, some "State Correction Department" records, some newspaper reports, but don't be fooled...this is NOT a comprehensive criminal history search.

Companies that offer to sell you this product either don't know, or don't care.

Pinnacle Protective Services is an on-line subscriber to the New York State Office of Court Administration criminal conviction and pending prosecution database and can provide you with a definitive search of ALL New York State criminal records. Our New Jersey criminal history searches are conducted throught the NJ State Police. In States with a Central Repository, Pinnacle can provide you with a comprehensive search. Where there is no central repository we will identify and recommend the search of all counties and adjoining counties in which your subject either worked or lived.

A nationwide search of the Federal District Courts can be conducted.

Our associates in countries around the world can be called upon to conduct searches in accordance with their own laws.

At your request Pinnacle will also obtain a Certificate of Disposition from the Courts if the case has been adjudicated.

New York Private Detective

NY Private Detective


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