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The most outstanding characteristic of Pinnacle and Warren Sonne is dedication and conviction to never say "No" to, "finding the truth."


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Mr. French consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. French to be a necessary ...

Very truly yours,


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Infidelity Cheating Spouse

If you are reading this, you are already riding an emotional rollercoaster. You are either asking yourself "Is my husband being unfaithful?" or "Is my wife cheating on me?" OR, you already know that answer and are considering documenting it for personal or legal reasons.

WE ARE NOT lawyers, and will not give you legal advice. We recommend that you consult with a divorce attorney if that is what you have in mind.

WE ARE NOT marriage counselors, and will not give you emotional support or mediation. We recommend that you consult with a marital psychologist.

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, and we will conduct legal and ethical private investigations to determine if your spouse is cheating. Our private investigators will conduct spousal surveillance to document marital infidelity if it exists, and provide you with video or photographic evidence when possible. We will make every legal and ethical investigative effort to discover whether or not your husband is being unfaithful, or your wife is cheating on you.

We sometimes get asked to conduct investigations that we are not able to do, as they are illegal:

We do not 'hack' the email account of your partner.
We do not install key-logging software on your family computer.
We do not get the mobile phone records of your partner, or install monitoring software on phones.
We do not video through keyholes, or anywhere that your husband or wife has an expectation of privacy.

We CAN use real-time GPS surveillance systems to track any vehicle THAT IS REGISTERED TO YOU, as long as you give us permission to do so.

We understand that you may not be familiar with privacy laws, and we will advise you when your requests are not possible.

New York Private Investigator, Manhattan Private Investigator, Bronx, Private Investigator, Brooklyn Private Investigator, Queens Private Investigator,

Nassau Private Investigator, Suffolk Private Investigator, Westchester Private Investigator, Rockland Private Investigator

Cheating Husband

Cheating Wife

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