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By Warren J. Sonne

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ISBN: 0849380510
Publication Date: 1/13/2006
Number of Pages: 184
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Warren J. Sonne

Sun State Investigative Services, Port St. Lucie, Florida Series:

Professional Investigators Series Volume: 1

Presents a concise, practical approach for the busy professional.

Offers specific investigative techniques for all categories of crime.

Includes specific guidance for interviewing and interrogations from the private investigator's perspective

Provides advice on criminal defense techniques


Aimed at the busy professional who aspires to become certified in the field, Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator is a single source guide that details essential techniques a trained investigator will be called upon to perform during the course of a career. Comprehensive and accessible, the book is authored by a veteran of the NYPD who gained extensive training and experience and went on to launch and operate two successful private investigation agencies.

The book covers crucial topics such as: crime scenes…how to document and secure them upon arrival, how to interact with witnesses and suspects, and how to correctly obtain search warrants; death investigations…how to conduct them when they involve natural causes, suicide, homicide, accidents, and gunshot and stab wounds; the art of interrogation…warrants, techniques, and how to interrogate juveniles; and specific criminal investigations…robbery, burglary, narcotics, and sex crimes. The book also provides important strategies for making arrests and testifying in courtrooms, details the most effective investigative tools to use, and explains the role of criminal defense investigators.

Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator is part of The Professional Investigators series that is intended to provide all present and future members of the investigative community with the knowledge and insight to reach the height of their profession.

Book Review By: Jim Silvania

Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator by: Warren J. Sonne

Where was this text thirty years ago when I needed it most. I could have handed a copy to all of the uninvited political dignitaries and voyeurs who were contaminating my crime scene and yelled: “ Warren Sonne said, “ Get the hell out of my crime scene.”

For years the standard of the criminal investigative profession (law enforcement) was Charles E. O’Hara’s Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation. Am I showing my age? The new standard should become Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator. It’s that good. It needs to be required reading for every law enforcement officer in America and beyond.

It is a great fundamental text which guides those who want to expand their education of criminal matters to the correct text. A bibliography would have made this easier but it’s there in the footnotes and hell we’re investigators aren’t we. We’ll find it.

I haven’t read every investigative book but this is the first time I’ve seen a chapter devoted to Criminal Defense Investigators in a basic law enforcement text. Maybe if the police knew someone was following up after them they wouldn’t make so many mistakes. They won’t after reading this text.

The standard text for the civil side of the profession (PIs) was always Techniques of Legal Investigation by the late Anthony M. Golec. If Warren’s next in a series, Civil Investigations for the Professional Investigator, is as good as this text, then it also should become the standard for this side of the industry. No PI’s library should be with out Sonne ‘s new series or Frank Ritter’s Successful Personal Injury Investigation.

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